Webbing moth harm to wool region rug

Webbing moth harm to wool region rug

ruglovermary.blogspot.com This is the webbing moth proof on the back again of a wool rug. Webbing moths are not that typical in Victoria BC


Q&ampA: Effortless way to exchange bulbs in large chandeliers.?

Q&ampA: Effortless way to exchange bulbs in large chandeliers.?

Issue by DOUGLAS H: Effortless way to exchange bulbs in large chandeliers.?
I need to have a folding twelve foot ladder to exchange bulbs in the lobby chandelier. Have to borrow ladder from other folks. Have no other use for it. Are there lowering units or anything to make this chore less complicated?

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Reply by jeff the drunk
Its truly less complicated to do what you are presently undertaking than to engineer anything that can reduced your chandelier.

I know they make a pole devive for modifying out recessed lights bulbs, but as for a chandelier, I question that.

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Q&ampA: I want to hang a 5 light island lite over my kitchen island?

Q&ampA: I want to hang a 5 light island lite over my kitchen island?

Question by liteproblem: I want to hang a 5 light island lite over my kitchen island?
. I have a recessed lite over the island but it is not exactly centered. Can I use a can lite adapter over this receseed lite to hang the island lite. I was thinking if I try to centre the lamp then some wires may show between the recessed ligt and the lamp along the ceiling. But that is okay. Can this be done.

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Answer by customartist
Locate your ceiling joists. Buy or cut a wooden plate which will be larger than the area that you need to cover. Paint it the same color as the ceiling, usually white. Mount the new fixture to the board running the wires through the board, connect the wires to the junction box, and then screw it to your ceiling at the joists, centering it where you want it to be. Essentially you are creating a custom medallion, although plain, which is fine. You want the focus to be on the light, not the mountings. It can be round or rectangular or square, etc. It will be rigid however to support the weight of the new fixture, unlike a bought (foam) one. Doesn’t matter where the junction box falls behind the new wooden back plate. I may not have grasped the exact picture here, but you get the idea. Don’t get wrapped up in the details, just envision what you want and do it. It is just physical matter, and it can be manipulated. I fix things like this all the time. Good luck!

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Military marine 8×30

Military marine 8×30

A tough, solid compact that offers plenty of magnification, rainproof construction and maximum versatility. Refined design after years of use in a variety of settings, from mountaintops to deep canyons, aboard and ashore. For spotting game or exploring nature’s majesty, Steiner’s unique auto focusing puts all the action in focus at once. Long eye-relief for eyeglass wearers. binoculars
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DARPA - Mind Reading Binoculars

“Like” if you like. (o: And feel free to subscribe to my channel… “What is scary is… Where will the other applications of this go? Because If we can harness brain waves for potential threats, what else can we do – conscious thought-wise?” – Military Specialist
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