Compact Fluoresent Mild bulb and cleansing item harmful?

Query by Marliz: Compact Fluoresent Mild bulb and cleansing item harmful?
there was a stink bug in my space and it flew to the mild. My mild appears like this if it does not function for some purpose the fashion of my ceiling enthusiast is like a bowl. I have a compact fluorescent mild bulb and the bug flew in there. So then I took some of my rest room cleaner and began spraying in there and then I heard I boom the mild received dimmed and I see surrounding the bowl in the inside the spray all more than. I do not know if the bug is dead as well. What ought to I do and ought to I be worried?

Very best solution:

Solution by PDY
Alright, I am carried out laughing picturing this scene. 🙂 Initial the stink bug. By no means destroy a stink bug, particularly by smushing it. They are known as stink bugs simply because when they die they emit a horrible stink. Its very best to leave them on your own or attempt to capture them in a plastic container and allow them outdoors. As for the bulb, if you are concerned about the mercury and all that, do not be concerned. They are not as poor as the manufacturer’s inform you they are. Just sweep up the shards and put them into a trash bag. Sweeping is very best but if the bulb shards are on a rug clearly you will have to vacuum them.

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