How do I transfer my child to a Toddler Bed?

Issue by Sara: How do I transfer my child to a Toddler Bed?
My son is virtually 24 months. He hasn’t started out climbing out of his crib but, but I am pregnant and owing really shortly. I want to be capable to switch him to a toddler bed just before the new child gets listed here. Is he outdated adequate to do this? How do I know if he is actually all set? I’ve often been advised not to give your child pillows and blankets to snooze with, so this has created me really uneasy about he switch, must I just put him in a toddler bed without having any bedding? He is also really naughty, and I’m positive will not keep in his bed at all. He likes to be mischievous! Any beneficial recommendations would be significantly appreciated!! Thank you!

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Reply by Linda R
Go him now. You never actually have to fret about pillows and blankets – just have him dress in a blanket sleeper at night he will keep warm and will NOT drop any covers.

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